Chronological Chopin

CHOPIN - Chronological CHOPIN, Ballades, Preludes, Scherzi and other works, Divine Art ddc 25752 (Distribution: NAXOS International)

The British label Divine welcomes to its company a musician of the stature of Burkard Schliessmann, and this is to present its second multichannel SACD in luxury packaging.

A potential (definite!) Collector's item for the future, is this wondeful recital by leading German pianist Burkard Schliessmann, who presents Chopin's musical development through a chronological programme including the 24 Preludes, Op. 28, the complete Scherzi and Ballades and other works, in stunning high-definition audio. This triple SACD set is in 5-channel audio, but is fully compatible with all normal CD players.

Schliessmann is the perfect interpreter of Chopin, bringing out the inner character of the pieces. A landmarkrecording, so Divine Art.

"A pianist with a big, luxuriant tone, exceptional technique, and considerable sensitivity and intelligence. All of these virtues are deployed on Chronological Chopin. This is an album with the highest aspirations for expressing the composer's muse, and in general those aspirations are met. The sound engineering on the CD layer is warm and full. Schliessmann's liner notes are extensive and enlightening. Schliessmann will persuade you of the greatness of Chopin to a degree matched by few other pianists.”
(Dave Saemann)

Album Chronological Chopin
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