At the Heart of the Piano

Busoni, Schumann, Liszt, Scriabin, Berg - Divine Art dda 21373 (Distribution: NAXOS International)

A special 3-CD / triple digital album of great Romantic works by one of the world's most accomplished pianists specialising in works of that era. These stunning performances of Busoni's Chaconne (after J S Bach) and Berg's Sonata are receiving their first release; the other tracks were previously issued (on CD only, not digitally ) by Bayer and have been newly remastered.

Schliessmann is a unique interpreter, never afraid to find a new expression and always searching for the heart of the music and the composer's inspiration.

On their initial release these recordings attracted great accolades: American Record Guide said : "The best pianist I know at entering the world and expressing the awareness of the German romantics. There is something personal and unique about Schliessmann's Schumann. It does not sound like anyone else's. He is better than any other pianist I have heard."

High Performance Review said of his Scriabin: "This is the most imaginative playing one has heard yet - on the level of Richter, Michelangeli, Wild, Gould - the highest order of artistry."

At the Heart of the Piano
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