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  • Fantasies BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - Robert SCHUMANN: »Fantasies« on Dolby Atmos and SACD
     Divine Art proudly introduces Burkard Schliessmann's distinctive interpretation of Robert Schumann's inner world through the groundbreaking recording project, "Fantasies". At Berlin's Teldex Studios, Schliessmann, having immersed himself in Schumann's oeuvre, sought to reveal the inner qualities of the music, pushing expressive and explosive boundaries.
     Highly acclaimed: "A masterpiece" (YOURHITS DIGITAL, USA); "I've heard his Bach, and it is quite wonderful" (WMNR/Classical, Monroe, CT, USA. As well as exceptional performances, this recording offers phenomenal sound. The recording was made live in April 2023 at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, Italy.
  • Opus Klassik OPUS KLASSIK 2023, Germany
    Three nominations: Instrumentalist of the Year, Solo Instrumental Recording & Innovative Listening Experience
    Bach: Goldberg Variations, Divine Art, DDC 25754 (2 SACD/digital & Dolby Atmos)
  • Burkard Schliessmann and His Affective Affinities »Burkard Schliessmann and His Affective Affinities: Burkard Schliessmann plays Bach's Goldberg Variations«
    FANFARE Magazine, USA, November / December, 2022
    An interview by Gary Lemco
  • Time, space and magic: Burkard Schliessmann plays Bach's Goldberg Variations »Time, space and magic: Burkard Schliessmann plays Bach's Goldberg Variations«
    International Piano, September 6, 2022: German pianist Burkard Schliessmann introduces his newly remastered recording of Bach’s monumental Goldberg Variations.
    An interview by Owen Mortimer
  • Album of the Week Album of the Week - BBC Radio Scotland
    »Classics Unwrapped: Burkard Schliessmann - Bach's Goldberg Variations«

    Presented by Jamie MacDougall
  • Pianist BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - Pianist, July 13, 2022
    »Burkard Schliessmann talks to Pianist about his latest album - Bach's Goldberg Variations«

    Erica Worth sits down with the German classical pianist to discuss Bach ...
  • Opus Klassik OPUS KLASSIK 2022, Germany
    Two nominations: Instrumentalist des Jahres & Solistische Einspielung Instrument

    At the Heart of the Piano, Divine Art, DDA 21373 (3CD/triple digital)
  • Goldberg Variations BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »BACH Goldberg-Variations« on Dolby Atmos and SACD
     Highly acclaimed: "ambitious and really spectacular" (AllMusic); "thoughtfully simple, always finely worked out" (FonoForum). Critics' Choice 2008 (American Record Guide) & Recording of the Year 2008 (MusicWeb International). Newly remastered in 5.0 Dolby Atmos audio, this brilliant recording is now offered as a hybrid 5-channel SACD/CD.
  • hr2 Francfort, Germany BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »at hr2 kultur, Francfort, Germany«
    April 28, 2022: 'Ästhetik, Interpretation, Philosophie, Literatur und Wahrheit in der Kunst: Literatur als Inspirationsquelle im Schaffen großer Komponisten'. Presented by Karmen Mikovic and Niklas Vogel

    Thursday, April 28, 2022, 05:10 PM (PST)
  • Stanford University BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »at STANFORD UNIVERSITY, California, USA«
    February 6, 2022: 'The Music Treasury' celebrates Burkard Schliessmann. Presented by Dr. Gary Lamco. Burkard Schliessmann plays major works from Bach, Schumann, Chopin and Scriabin

    Sunday, February 6, 2022, 7-9 PM (PST)
  • Extase en Intellect BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »PIANIST 'Cover Artist - Extase en Intellect«
    PIANIST 2021 No. 4: After the outstanding resonance and success of the Edition of October, Number 3, Burkard Schliessmann also is 'Cover-Artist' in the Edition of November, Number 4, released in The Netherlands and Belgium.  In an interview - "Extase en Intellect" - with Eric Schoones, Editor-in-Chief of PIANIST,  Schliessmann talks about his interpretations.
  • AT THE HEART OF THE PIANO BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »International Piano - Multifaceted musician«
    International Piano, September 30, 2021: AT THE HEART OF THE PIANO - Core repertoire from Bach to Berg; PLUMBING THE DEPHTS - Combining the life of a pianist and diver; KEYBOARD ARABESQUES - Delving into Schumann's literary inspiration.
    A portrait from Owen Mortimer, Hugo Shirley and Colin Clarke.
  • Ecstasy and Intellect BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »PIANIST 'Cover Artist - Ecstasy and Intellect«
    PIANIST 2021 No. 3: Burkard Schliessmann is not only an exceptional pianist he is also is a professional scuba diver and serves as an ambassador for the "Protecting of Our Ocean Planet" program of the AWARE Foundation. In an interview - "Ecstasy and Intellect" - with Eric Schoones, Editor-in-Chief of PIANIST,  Schliessmann talks about his interpretations.
  • At the Heart of the Piano BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - »triple CD album - At the Heart of the Piano«

    Virtuoso German pianist Burkard Schliessmann will increase his representation in the Divine Art catalogue with a new triple CD/digital album entitled 'At the Heart of the Piano', distributed worldwide by NAXOS Intl.

"Schliessmann's playing is representative of the best of the modern school"
Harold C. Schonberg / The New York Times

International Pianist

BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN is regarded as one of the most influential pianists of the modern era. He has received numerous prizes and awards of merits for his piano interpretations, having studied under musical masters Herbert Seidel, Shura Cherkassky, Bruno Leonardo Gelber and Poldi Mildner.

BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN has regularly performed throughout Europe, in the United States, Czechoslovakia, Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. He has participated in many European festivals, such as the Munich Piano Summer Festival, the festival "Frankfurt Feste", the Valldemossa Chopin Festival, and the Maurice Ravel Festival in Paris, among others. As orchestral soloist, Mr. Schliessmann's performance highlights include his orchestral solo appearances with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt, WDR Radio Symphony Orchestra Cologne, Symphony Orchestra Wuppertal and the New Philharmonic Westfalia, in addition to other orchestras. He enjoys great popularity in media and has been showcased at major German TV-studios, including the Philharmonie of Gasteig in Munich, the City Hall Wuppertal, and the WDR West German Radio studio in Cologne. Mr. Schliessmann has been featured by the WDR radio in its program ZDF-aspekte in a joint production of the ARD/ZDF TV- channels. He has also been featured by BR Bavarian radio, HR Hessian radio and was broadcasted nationwide and throughout Europe in the cultural programs of ARTE, 3sat, Fidelio-ORF, UNITEL Classica and the US channel Classic Arts Showcase

Burkard Schliessmann has collaborated with highly renowned regisseurs, such as Jose Montes-Baquer, Enrique Sanchez Lansch, Claus Viller, Lothar Mattner, Peter Gelb, Dieter Hens, Korbinian Meyer, Siegfried Aust and others. Famous critics have had no hesitation in placing him alongside the finest pianists: "This is the most imaginative playing one has heard yet on the level of Richter Michelangeli, Serkin, Wild, Could - the highest order of artistry" wrote the "High Performance Review" in the USA.

Burkard Schliessmann is also an exceptionally gifted pedagogue: As "Distinguished University Professor" he teaches in International Masterclasses of Major-Universities throughout the world, especially in USA; among these are Curtis-Institute in Philadelphia, Lee University in Cleveland (Tennessee), Bastyr-University in Seattle (Washington-State) and others. His pedagogical concept is a unit of psyche and physis of each student and his individuality, taking this by a fusion of the art, music and the instrument. His students are coming from the United States, Europe, Russia, Croatia, Poland, China, Japan and New Zealand. Most of them are prize-winners of international piano competitions and are teaching themselves in universities or conservatories.

Burkard Schliessmann is Official Artist of STEINWAY & SONS.

From Bastyr-University in Seattle (Washington-State) he received the highest US-Academic distinction, the "President's Citation" in February 2012; in April 2013 he was awarded with the "Melvin Jones Fellow Award" from LIONS-International in recognition of his international achievements in the Arts and Culture.

Burkard Schliessmann also is a professional scuba diver and serves as an Ambassador for the "Protecting of Our Ocean Planet" program of the Project AWARE Foundation. As 'PADI Master-Instructor' he can refer to more than 8.500 logged dives in the seas and oceans all over the world and has visited countries even in areas "out-of-the-way". As 'PADI Specialty-Instructor' he is certified to teach classes for Underwater-Photography, Videography and all other terms.

More under Adventures in Diving.

"... I rank this Chopin among the best available. With both the technique and intellect to do just about anything he wants, Schliessmann's strength is in the lyrical, legato melodies that make Chopin's music such a cornerstone of the piano repertoire ..."
James Harrington (American Record Guide)  

"... Schliessmann is the best pianist I know at entering the world and expressing the awareness of the German romantics. ..."
Donald Vroon (American Record Guide)