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BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - teldex - studios in Berlin, Germany

  • Goethe-Plakette der Stadt Framkfurt/Main BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - Goethe-Plakette der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, 2019
     The Goethe Plakette designed by Georg Krämer is commended to "poets, writers, artists and scientists and other personalities of the cultural life [...] who, through their creative work, are worthy of a tribute dedicated to the memory of Goethe"
  • IAMA - International Acoustic Music Awards BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - International Acoustic Music Awards IAMA 2019

    BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - categories: classical, Instrumental Performance - Chopin - Germany
  • International Piano BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - International Piano, 2019, Jan/Feb
    »Personal Touch«

    BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - in interview with Owen Mortimer, where he tells 'International Piano' how he finds inspiration for his latest album of Schumann
  • PAY - Performing Arts Yearbook BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - Performance Arts Yearbook 2018/19
    »Renaissance man«

    BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - in interview with Andrew Anderson, where he tells PAY about his impacts in his interpretations
  • Global Music Awards BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - Global Music Awards 2018
    Gold Medal Winner - 2 Gold Medals »Awards of Excellence«

    BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN - categories: classical, Instrumental Performance - Album - Germany
  • Chopin Vinyl, ddl 12401 BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN
    Vinyl release worldwide - March 30, 2018

    The British Major label DIVINE ART Recordings Group releases the Vinyl from BURKARD SCHLIESSMANN "piano works - Ballades, Barcarolle, Fantaisie, Preludes, Scherzi and other works", distributed worldwide by NAXOS Intl.
"... Schliessmann's playing is representative of the best of the modern school ..."
Harold C. Schonberg (former chief music critic of The New York Times)